Portland Boudoir Photography | Daniela

Daniela has a stunning house on the east side of PDX. It's impeccably decorated, and she has spent the last few years completely renovating it. It embodies her perfectly, and every single room is gorgeous. We'd move in. 

The moment we walked into her living room, we knew we would have a fantastic experience. She was so assertive, kind, and her hair also happened to be incredible. She had a mimosa in one hand and a puppy in the other. Her husband sat out in their backyard, and we meandered up the stairs to her loft.

Oh my GOSH, HER LOFT. It had huge french doors that opened up onto a patio, and the room was filled with all of her creative outlets. Paintings, drawings, photography, sewing, you name it. And it was all really well done. "Oh", she said, "I do these things but they're not really good". Um, yes. Yes they are good. 

She was such a pleasure to photograph. Daniela held such a sense of confidence and she was so incredibly gorgeous. We got so excited about almost every single frame we took, and her lingerie (Asos, people!) was fantastic.

Daniela is also an incredibly talented hairstylist at Tiger Tiger Salon. If you haven't checked out her work yet, you absolutely should. We have both gotten our hair done with her and we're thrilled.