Portland Boudoir Photography | Chelsea

Chelsea invited us into her home with such kindness and grace. Light streamed through all of the large windows and her kitty, Bug, was always at her feet. 

As she lead us up to her room, we couldn't help but notice how beautiful her house was. Her bedroom was no exception. It looked like something straight out of a magazine, and it definitely felt like a sanctuary. Beautiful linen was draped from the beams of her bed frame, and a calm breeze came through a cracked window. 

Photographing her was such a pleasure. She moved with such delicacy, and she truly allowed us to document her true sensuality. We loved that you could still see marks on her back from the cupping she had done few days prior, and we laughed about how very "Portland" it was. 

She and her wife are so incredibly gifted. They own multiple farms, and Chelsea's most recent venture is a flower farm out in the Cully neighborhood. We highly recommend that you contact her in order to volunteer, and we will definitely be helping out through the summer as well.

Chelsea, thank you for your selfless and true spirit. It was truly a joy meeting you, and we are so grateful for the connection that we've made.

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