Small Business Pricing - A Candid Blog Post

As small business owners, we receive all sorts of questions. One of the most frequent is why we charge what we do. It's a complex question, as there are many factors that have gone into our pricing. We feel it's important to share this information with you because it's easy for our clients & followers to not fully understand where we are coming from.

First and foremost, we always want to try and offer the most reasonable prices in PDX. We encourage you to check out other boudoir studios and explore their pricing to get a better idea of going rates. We don't want ladies to be financially discouraged from the Lady Love experience, so we do our best to make our packages reasonable for everyone. We understand that we all come from different situations and we want to work to minimize social/economic gaps through our business.

Our Lady Love sessions are $330. Before you reach out to ask us about discounts or free sessions, please keep all of our costs in mind:

- Running social media, emails, and our website
- Setting up each month with booking our hair/make-up artist, securing the studio space, and more
- The actual sessions, which normally last for an entire day (8-10 ladies). We are ALWAYS giving 100% to our clients and are incredibly focused for the duration of the sessions
- Wear & tear on our equipment, which will need to be replaced after a certain length of time
- Paying our HMUA fairly, the cost of the studio space and refreshments
- Editing time + editing programs. This takes way longer than people probably realize, as we want to ensure that we are gifting gorgeous images
- The delivery of the images
- Starting this all over again! (Sometimes before we are done with all of these steps).

When you really break down the hours, it's shocking to see how much time goes into running Juniper & the Sea. I know we speak for all of the incredible small business owners of Portland when I say that it's a lot of work. So please try to respect and understand their pricing too, regardless of what it may be or what type of product or experience they are providing.

In addition, when you support us you are supporting two ladies who work full time (doing day jobs - not boudoir) who are truly passionate about empowering the women of PDX during the weekends. The funds you are providing us help to keep the doors open and will hopefully allow us to continue on our journey to help cultivate a strong, supportive community of women. 

Small businesses are fantastic. We highly encourage you to support them as much as possible, especially ones that are owned by badass boss ladies. There are SO many in Portland, and we'll give you a little list of some of our favorites below (all of which are clients!).

Thank you so much for your love & kindness. We appreciate it more than words.



Roots & Crowns PDX
Seagrape Soap
Sweet Delilah Farm
Kai - Know Folly Tattoo
Alice Carrier Tattoos
Nightbird PDX
Forest & Field
Che Che Luna
Lindsay Strannigan
Frankie Simone Music
Moonstone Flowers
Courtney Roth Tattoos
Carissa Pereira Nutrition
Vava Lingerie
Botanically Inspired
Booty Luv Fitness

**If we've worked with you and forgotten to put you on this list, it isn't on purpose! Reach out and we'll add you in right away. xx

Chelsea Bock