Portland Boudoir Photography | Why Every Body is "Real"

We wanted to address something near and dear to our hearts, as we feel it's important to openly discuss this stigma surrounding body types.

First, it's essential that we stress how much we truly respect, appreciate, and love all body types. We will gladly document any woman who reaches out to us, regardless of size. There is no good or bad type of figure, and it's so important that we empower ladies in PDX and beyond.

Every body type is "real". We hear a lot of discussion regarding wanting to see "real" bodies. While we completely respect (and TOTALLY understand) the need to see size 14s, 16s, 24s, etc, please also keep in mind that a size 2 or 4 also has a "real" body. They have their own insecurities, and they are working just as hard to celebrate who they are as individuals. Being a woman is hard, and there is so much unnecessary hatred between ladies. We keep seeing people picking apart the bodies of other women. It's not necessary and it's definitely not helpful. 

We aren't here to judge you, regardless of your size. It's our job and passion to help you feel fulfilled and beautiful in the body you're in. It doesn't matter to us if you wear a size 42DD bra or a size 32AA. It doesn't matter to us if your waist is a size 24 or 44. And it really doesn't matter how much you weigh, how tall or short you are, or what your age is. You deserve to feel gorgeous, and we assure you that you are already beautiful.

As you scroll through our feed, please try to look past the size of the women you're seeing. We aren't posting to social media in order to show off how skinny or curvy someone is. We're dedicating our page to empowering women by showing that you can strip down in front of a camera and document your sexuality without having to change who you are. We're truly trying to cultivate a community of women who are all here to support and love one another without judgement.