Portland Boudoir Photography | Max

Max in 3 words:

• Magical
• Selfless
• Beautiful
• Kind

...okay, who are we kidding. We could go on and on about her. 

She opened her front door wide when we arrived, and we saw that she was in a simple robe with beautiful lingerie underneath. Her hair was wild and gorgeous, and her outgoing spirit was apparent right away. Max immediately made us feel at home, and she even offered us mimosas with fresh orange juice.

Her house was honestly a dream. It was almost like a physical representation of who she & her partner are as people. It was full of plant babies, eclectic furniture, and tons of natural light. Her kitchen was reminiscent of something out of the 1950s, and everything was impeccably clean. (Apparently Adam is a big fan of vacuuming...which sounds like a literal gift from the universe). An in-ground pool took up part of the back yard, and we could feel it waiting for summer. Everything about her place was amazing.

She took us on a tour through her space, and we got to see where some of her apothecary magic happens. If you haven't checked Max out yet, please do yourself a favor and look at her website & Instagram. Every single one of her products is made with such love and care, and she's incredibly talented. Her studio was still getting moved into, but man...we felt so lucky to see it.

Max had told Chelsea that she wanted to incorporate flowers into her shoot. Our reaction was something like, "Oh my GOSH, YES!!" And, as you can see below, it exceeded any expectation that we ever could have thought of. She was so incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, and the pure joy that she radiated definitely lit a fire within us as well. 

We cannot wait to have dinner parties with Max & Adam. They are both wonderful souls, and we feel so lucky to have connected with both of them.

P.S. - You should be friends with her, too.