Portland Boudoir Photography | Maria

Where do we even start?

We noticed her on Instagram awhile back, due to her genuine, honest posts (like this one!). She's the owner of an incredible company called Sea Grape Soap, which was built on the notion that everyone deserves to deepen their sexuality, learn true self care, and find their place in this world. Her website has incredible products, and her gorgeous space in PDX is like walking into an extension of who she is as a person. It's a safe place for a lot of the community, and she even has rotating workshops (all kinds!) every month. 

Being in Maria's space was magical. She had lovely black tea steeped and ready, and her room was filled with an overwhelming sense of serenity and peace. She moved with grace and ease, and had tons of thriving plants (which are her babies). An array of her candles, apothecary, and artwork was sprinkled throughout the space, and her linens were incredible.

She's a one-of-a-kind individual. She thrives on creating community, and she's always there for anyone who needs it. If you ever need someone to talk to, want high-end apothecary products, or if you want to explore who you really are, we highly recommend that you go see her. 

Maria, thank you for being you!

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