Portland Boudoir Photography | Kiana

This girl was on fire. When we got to her apartment, she opened the door and we were immediately treated like longtime friends. Her stark white t-shirt fell loosely around her figure while we chatted on the sofa, and she offered us champagne and strawberries (can we come over every Saturday?). A large array of makeup was spread across her table, and her kitties meandered around the room.

Kiana is the type of woman who is so incredibly comfortable with her body. Her curves, her imperfections, you name it. She's part Native American, and her beauty is so unique. Her soul radiates self-confidences without a hint of arrogance, and her sexuality is that in-your-face, raw type of emotion. When she looked into the lens, it was magic. 

We feel so sincerely lucky to have had the opportunity to document this gorgeous girl. She's so kind, and so full of life. Kiana is the type of woman who you know is going places.

Get it, girl!

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