Portland Boudoir Photography | Bailey

Bailey was raw. She was so real, so down to earth, and so honest. Documenting her was a true gift, and we would do it again in a heartbeat. 

When we arrived at her home, her wonderful husband met us at an old wooden gate. He ushered us through, and told us to be cautious of the goats. Two dirty, adorable creatures came bounding towards us, and he let us know that they might head-butt us on our way in. I'm pretty sure one of them jumped up on me and got goat poop on my pants, but I didn't even care. 

Johnny lead us back into their tiny house, which is smaller than my living room. He had built it for them, he explained, and they were living there until they could move to their land out in near Hood River.

While we approached the structure, Bailey greeted us on our way. She was slim, strong, gorgeous, and full of confidence. 

Once in their tiny abode, we got to work documenting their love. He was there, so why not? Their passion for each other was so apparent, and their love was incredibly real. It also helps that they were both completely comfortable in front of the camera, so it was super easy for us to get some killer portraits. 

Johnny left not long after that (to go sauna), and we chatted with Bailey before we began to really photograph her. She explained that the boudoir session was, in some ways, a right of passage for her. Growing up in an incredibly strict religious household, she was deterred from showing any type of sensuality. Encouraged to be a tomboy, Bailey lacked the connection with that side of herself up until adulthood. She had recently made the decision to explore that, and this session was a way for her to dive into that unknown part of her life. 

As you can see, she absolutely killed it. 

This girl is truly phenomenal. She runs her own floral company, Forest & Field. Bailey never purchases her products; she only forages. (Yes, she's really that cool). In addition, she'll create incredible tinctures from your wedding flowers. Her experience is unique, magical, and incredibly classy. 

In addition to her floral business, she and Johnny have recently begun to offer relationship counseling. It's not pretentious and they're very easy to talk to. Bailey immediately makes you feel safe in her presence, and Johnny matches that energy. If you ever need a boost in your life, or just want to maintain a positive connection with your partner, we highly recommend that you check them out. 

Oh, and she pole dances too. Seriously bonus. Bailey - you're truly an inspiration. Thank you. 

Chelsea Bock