Portland Boudoir Photography | Baye

This girl is incredible.

B arrived at our shoot location with such a wonderful energy about her. She was excited, calm, and ready to rumble. (This could partially be due to the fact that she's an actual model, so working with us was probably a piece of cake). She even brought a crisp, ironed white button down dress shirt that she "borrowed" from her boyfriend. It's the little things. 

Her grace in front of the camera was effortless. She moved with such ease, and every snapshot seemed to capture something new. She stared straight into the lens with no hesitation, and we were in awe of her confidence. B is such an incredible soul, and we loved hearing about her adventures overseas, her plans for the future, and even learning about her music taste (which is great, by the way). 

It was truly such a wonderful gift to be able to document her on a rainy Sunday morning.

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