One year ago we set out on a mission to prove that every body is beautiful, regardless of shape, size, sexual preference, color, age, and more. This turned into a phenomenal experience that allowed us to meet, connect and photograph over 200 women. 

It changed our entire perspective on what beauty is. Every single one of these ladies has a unique story that deserves to be heard and respected. We laughed, cried, and listened. We saw women who were had cancer, eating disorders, sexual abuse, pasts with drug & addition problems. Additionally, we also saw women who simply wanted to document their bodies. Regardless of their background or reasoning, we welcomed every single one of them with open arms. The connections we made will last a lifetime and they have made a profound impact on us.

Sessions start at $350. Please email us for additional information. 

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We have photographed over 150 women through our boudoir project and have a true passion for supporting female-bodied souls

We know our shit. One of us does digital marketing, project management & eCom photoshoot direction for one of the largest worldwide brands & the other does graphic design, planning and marketing for one of the most prestigious schools in PDX




This is Chelsea. She loves embroidery. In fact, she's super talented at it. You can find her crafting and thrifting in almost all of her free time. She also totally understands dietary restrictions, and would prefer to bike everywhere. She dreams of living on a lot of land and growing her own food. She tans really easily, loves folk music, and may or may not have a ton of house plants.


This is Simone. She's always sore from working out. Her cupboards are never organized, no matter how much she tries. She thinks most seafood is detestable, and she'll probably make a bad face if you talk about it. She has a deep, deep love for rap music and dreams of driving a 1970 Nova going 100 MPH on a freeway. Her weakness is any kind of cute animal. She also probably steals flowers from your yard. (Sorry).